Saturday, 13 December 2008



Guess I simply need to kick start…….

Why not with today? Or even better now…...:-))

Right now just feel very satisfied with myself to have completed some chores this morning that I had promised myself last night. Well yes, it’s quite an achievement in my case as more often than not the promise is broken very conveniently.

Am also very delighted to finally bring myself up to start blogging. So here goes a little poem that I wrote last year and which I am now somehow brave enough to post to the world J



Once upon a time there was a ME

A happy little ME

ME wanted to rise, ME wanted to fly

was too eager to learn, and also wanted to try

ME but kept to her dream world, that was much safer

Was actually too scared to fail and cry

Once upon a time there was a ME

A dreamy little ME

ME wanted to go places,wanted to paint,wanted to dance

To grab life’s every little chance

ME but kept to her dream world, that was much safer

Was actually too scared to face spheres much deeper

Time passed by staring with bewilderment

At it’s own contempt, splendid aspirations at cost

Untried for, not fought for, willingly lost

Well, all it could offer were little indications

But time as they say waits for none,

Went about it’s own expeditions

There is this little “I” now, in search of that “ME”

It comes in flashes, and goes before I can see

Reminding me ever it still lives inside “I”

And that, true selves never really die

It’s all about not losing your urge

Very soon “I” and “ME” are going to merge

I dearly enjoy this quest for “ME”

Finding bit by bit, wouldn’t let it flee

Time passes by me, smiling this time around

After much struggle, finally found my ground

For power of will & effort can surely change the fate

Though time waits for none, it’s never too late


  1. Well-written, Pallavi :)

    Welcome to the world of blogging...I am sure you will love your stay :)

    Keep writing and do update me whenever you compose a new one.

    Keep it up!

  2. thanx sarah...also wish u a happy new year...!!!